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We’re building something that could quite literally build a new economy and transform lives by connecting people. We work for those people. If we do our job well, we’ll create something that matters as much to them as it does to us, and all of our lives will be better for it. We have an opportunity that is rare. Let’s make the most of it together.

14 Mint Plaza
San Francisco, CA

UI/UX Designer

The Zaarly product team is a small, tight-knit group who mostly work from our Mint Plaza office in San Francisco. At this moment, we are working hard on two main things:

  1. Marketing and optimizing our highly-curated marketplace for home services and
  2. Designing helpful tools for the experts who sell and perform those home services.

There are so many great companies who need talented designers like you. Here are 5 pretty unique reasons to consider working at Zaarly:

  1. We're helping honest, everyday people make a living doing whatever it is they take pride in.
  2. The online-to-offline challenges we're working on are complex. Home Serivces is a massive market and nobody has really solved it online yet.
  3. We take some pretty fantastic team retreats.
  4. Every employee gets free weekly housecleaning.
  5. We take learning seriously. Every employee gets $50 worth of books every month.

We pay top salary, have all the usual medical benefits, a 401K plan, catered lunches and all the Apple toys you could ask for. For more on our company culture and how we work, checkout our employee handbook.

A bit about this role:

We are slowly, selectively adding to our design team. At the moment, we need someone to slide in alongside our lead designer and tag team on projects related to the launch of our next market.

These projects mostly have to do with our website and mobile apps. They range from small UI updates, to rethinking critical layouts and even entire UX flows.

A bit about you (hopefully):

  • You are a damn good designer with some thoughtful, gorgeous work in your portfolio and a few opinions about what Zaarly could be doing better.
  • You love developers. You probably could even be a developer if you weren't so busy being such a damn good designer.
  • You don't mind occasionally wearing your UI engineer hat.
  • You have a UI engineer hat.
  • You also have some experience with UX research or at least want to learn how to approach it.
  • You like writing.
  • You want to help everyday people make money doing things they're proud of.
  • You want to design for problems that don't really have clear answers. Yet.
  • You want to contribute to design standards that help your teammates produce cohesive work.

To apply for this job, email Matt Donovan at .

Zaarly has a lot of opinions about the way things should be, especially the way we work. View Handbook

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