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We’re building something that could quite literally build a new economy and transform lives by connecting people. We work for those people. If we do our job well, we’ll create something that matters as much to them as it does to us, and all of our lives will be better for it. We have an opportunity that is rare. Let’s make the most of it together.

14 Mint Plaza
San Francisco, CA

Denver, CO Community Manager

About Us

Zaarly is a small, tight-knit team building a big business. Our home base is in Mint Plaza in San Francisco, with a handful of team members who work remotely. Our team is respectful, fun, curious and casually intellectual (as opposed to the snobby judgey kind of intellectual). We read a lot and spend time musing on how we can each improve our business, our service, and ourselves.

Zaarly is in the business of building a vibrant marketplace that connects homeowners with exceptional home service providers. We’re pretty laser-focused on:

  1. Launching and rapidly gaining traction in new cities.
  2. Maintaining quality and an exceptional level of service as we scale.

About This Role

We’re looking for someone to be Zaarly’s homeowner-facing evangelist in Denver. This is a growth-focused role that will require creative thinking by a driven, social, and independent person.

In short...your job is to grow Zaarly’s user base in Denver. While you’ll help create the playbook, we expect some of the activities to include:

  1. Identify, network with, and make Zaarly fans of Denver influencers
  2. Partner with local organizations and businesses such as realtors, hardware stores, and networking groups
  3. Represent Zaarly in area events and gatherings

You’ll spend most of your time in Denver, but will also spend time at our San Francisco headquarters. You’ll work with and have support from our Director of Marketing, COO, and other folks trying to make Zaarly successful in Denver.

About You

  • Live in Denver and consider yourself an expert of that great city
  • Have a strong network in Denver and are excited to expand it
  • Impressive in person whether it be having coffee with a homeowner or chatting with a CEO at her office
  • Influential without being salesy
  • You don’t mind Taylor Swift
  • Clear, straightforward communicator (written and spoken)
  • Energetic! With an exclamation point!
  • Organized and Disciplined (you haven’t lost anything important recently.)


  • You own and love your home. Extra bonus if you own or have owned an old home.
  • You have experience with grassroots efforts (e.g., political campaigns or community building)

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